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Turkey Time Thursday

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So it’s the beginning of November.  For the American students in my school, this is the time for a traditional feast of extraordinary proportions.  Now, I’m not American, and neither is my family.  We’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving or July 4th, yet three years ago I convinced my dad to go to the supermarket with me and buy a turkey.  He knew I would fuck it up.  And fuck it up I did.

I never realised how much prep work has to go into cooking a turkey!  Apparently, you don’t just wash it and shove it into the oven.  NO.  You have to marinate it in salt water for a day, then marinate it with vegetables, then stuff it with onions, lemons, and oranges in order to absorb the fat and the greasy smell.  Gah.  No wonder Thanksgiving only comes once a year!

The next year I don’t remember much, but I do know that last year was the best turkey of all.  I invited my non-American friends over, the ones who were not busy celebrating with their families, and together we prepared the table with Thanksgiving-y substitutes: normal mashed potatoes instead of yams, cherry jam instead of cranberry, and a cake in place of the pumpkin pie.  It was the best we could do in a country that doesn’t sell the traditional foods.

This year, I again plan to make a turkey and throw it out the next day because it smells terrible.  How do you plan on spending Thanksgiving?  Do you do the whole traditional thing, or is it just another day for you?

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Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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