Midnight Impulse

learning experiences and impulsive decisions


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So a while back I had a bit of a bitch-out with a girl from school.  We’ve been enemies since the 7th grade, so this wasn’t really something new or out of the ordinary.  It was really close to the day school ended for Fall Break, so I didn’t give much thought to it.  While I was staying in Canada for the break, I had a dream, and it was about me and that same girl having another pointless fight.  Only this time, I did something I’d never done before: I tried to stop it.  Instead of throwing another comeback, I stopped myself and instead yelled out, “WHY do we keep fighting?!”  

By the time I woke up and remembered my little peace-treaty attempt, I was quite struck by how smart of a move it was, even unconsciously.  I tend to be the type of person who holds grudges for years, so this kind of thinking is very unusual.  

Now that I’ve been back in school for a few days, I’ve been feeling more at peace.  Me and that girl have been actually speaking to one another and treating each other like actual human beings for once.  The conversations of course aren’t that deep or meaningful: they circulate around school and AP classes and homework.  We usually only talk when one other girl is around though, I feel she serves as a bit of a peacekeeper. 

Just now did I remember about the dream I had over break; and just now did I put the two pieces together.  In a way, my nighttime reverie came true.

Has anyone else here had a strong dream that woke you up still feeling certain emotions?  Or perhaps a dream that has later come true?


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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