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learning experiences and impulsive decisions


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Lately, things have been going quite badly with me in school.  I’ve managed to make enemies with quite few people because of my inability to shut my mouth to save my life.  A few days ago, an idea popped into my head: what if I can have a do-over?  What would I do differently in life?

Well, I’ve decided that my do-over would begin once I’d set foot into my current school, back in the 7th grade.  Instead of immediately falling into a single friend group and following everything THEY’D told me to do, I’d be polite and friendly to everyone in my class, and I would continue to do so till now.  My issue with the people around me is that they are very fake and two-faced, and I just could never get along with them.  I do have a tendency to talk shit behind people’s backs (never about my closest friends though), but I’ve come to know this as the only way to blow off steam.

Another thing I wouldn’t do is be overly obsessive and stalker-ish of the guys I’ve had crushes on.  In fact, I wouldn’t even bother following them, because nothing has come out of me wasting time on them other than really irritated friends who have gotten tired of just how much the boy’s eyes twinkle.

Another thing I’d do is develop good study habits in 7th and 8th grade, that way perhaps I wouldn’t have ended up messing up my GPA during freshman year.

I would’ve tried to lose my excess weight or at least NOT gain any since then.  If I weighed what I did back then, the process would be SO much easier by now.

I wouldn’t be such a cry-baby.

I wouldn’t’ve obsessed so thoroughly over Green Day (I spent all of 8th grade over them.)

During my sophomore year, I wouldn’t have made friends with the wrong people.  They proved to be horrible fair-weather friends who did not do me any good OR stick by my side when they found a boy or any other friend.  I truly regret not taking the opportunity to make friends with other girls during that time.  If I had, I wouldn’t be in this miserable situation now.

These are the things I would’ve done differently.  But alas, I’m in the present and these mistakes are in the past, and I’ll just have to think of my regrets as learning experiences that will hopefully aid me in the future.

Regretfully yours,



Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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