Midnight Impulse

learning experiences and impulsive decisions



I’ve totally been waiting for this guy that I recently met to add me on one of my social networks.  We met Sunday and talked and sat with one another for a large chunk of the night.  When I left, he told me he’ll find me.  He left the country a day or so ago, I think.

I’ve been obsessing about hearing from him for the third night so far, I guess I have a bit of a crush?  At first I was really excited about the prospect of him adding me, but now I’m wavering and thinking that maybe he won’t.  *Sigh*.  Sad part is, I can’t add him myself because I forgot his name (DON’T JUDGE ME.  It was foreign and I’ve never heard it before, and every time he said it it was real loud.)  

I dreamt about him several times the night I met him, which is quite unusual for me.  My dreams are kind of rare and don’t tend to focus on people I know, or just met for that matter.


Gonna go obsess more now.



Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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