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You Deserve Better

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There’s a girl who’s a year younger than I am, and in the past two years she’s managed to make quite a reputation for herself amongst her male classmates.  She’s known for being promiscuous and, being a small community, the entire student body manages to find out about her not-so-discreet acts within a few hours.  She’s also established the fact that she is not the most honest person, and tends to exaggerate or even lie to get some attention.

Last year, her “friends” didn’t speak to her for 6 months for something that she did, while MY best friend spent time with her and made sure she had a friend to be with on some weekends.  However, once this girl got back with her friends, she stopped even greeting my best friend and denied all relation to her.  That year, I hated her.

This year, however, I feel sorry for her.

Through her lies, disrespect, stupidity and ungratefulness, I of all people, feel she deserves better.  I think she deserves to be treated better by boys, and I think her friends are not supportive of her.  I wish she could just see that she IS a beautiful young woman who would be able to get any boy she wants, IF she stopped acting and dressing like a slut.  I wish she would start respecting herself and stop allowing boys to use her as a sexual object, because she’s worth more than that.


Just my thoughts about a girl I feel too weird to tell this to her face.

Here’s to Italia.





Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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