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Bad Books, Great Books


I finally started reading books again!  For the past few months I’ve been reading Fifty Shades of Grey (I know, I know) which, obviously, you can’t read in public because then they’ll take a picture of you and post it on the internet, I read what I could during the very few hours I spend alone in my room.  By the time I finally finished, my Advanced Placement Writing class was overwhelming since I was so behind, so I didn’t have time to read.

Today, I’m proud to say that I finally bought John Green’s Looking for Alaska.  I’ve already read through 20% of it, and I’m not yet fully sure where the book is headed, since I’ve made it into a habit to not read book summaries.  They do a terrible job of presenting a book, and in the case of The Hunger Games and Hamlet, the back cover summary gave away the events that occur up till chapter 4, and in Hamlet‘s case up until half way through the play.

I can honestly say I’m thoroughly enjoying the book so far, it’s very entertaining and humourous.  It is giving me the same vibe I got from the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower,  and I absolutely loved that movie (I’d like to soon read the book as well.)  


Anyway, off to reading some more in bed, goodnight ❤



Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

3 thoughts on “Bad Books, Great Books

  1. The perks…is one of my all time fave books. Deffo give it a read. Not seen the film yet. Hi by the way.

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