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New Year

Less than 6 hours till midnight.  I feel that this will be my last day of “freedom.”  I say this because the coming 12 months will be filled with stress and tough choices.  

I have to take the SAT test in January, and again in May, and if I feel I can get a better score, then I’ll take the test again in September or October.  I also have my AP Writing exam in May.  In March, I will be [hopefully] going to an MUN conference in Amsterdam.  During the summer, I hope to tour universities in New York that I am interested in, which will be a very long journey.  

Once school starts in September, I’ll be a senior and I’ll have to get all my applications together and send them off to my desired universities.  By spring of 2014, I’ll find out where and where not I will go to start the rest of my life.  

I know that 2013 will be a challenging year for me academically.  I’m nervous about taking the SAT since I suck so bad at math.  Thankfully, English Critical Reading and Writing is a subject I’m great at.  

Along with taking all these tests and getting everything ready to leave this country and start anew on a whole other continent, I hope to really improve as a person, from both the inside and the outside.  A change of attitude and mindset has been long overdue, and I just hope I can continue becoming a better person in general.  

I also would really like to put a lot of effort into developing my talents and hobbies, especially if I want to send my pieces of work in a portfolio to my desired universities.  I want to write a lot more, practice fashion drawing more professionally, and try and be a better photographer (although I truly believe I’m shit at it.  I just feel real bad owning an expensive camera and not using it.)  


Well there.  Even though I think New Year’s Resolutions are horrible and are never accomplished, I just wrote mine.  I wish you all the best in the coming year, for you and your families.  Hope 2013 will be great for you all!

See you in Twenty-Thirteen,

xx Adelaide


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I Cried

Since I watched Before Sunrise last night, I’ve been quite obsessively thinking about the ending of the movie and what went down between the couple, and sometime after midnight while I was already in bed with the lights off, I considered going downstairs to retrieve my laptop and watch the sequel, Before Sunset.  This morning I wrote in my journal that I hope to keep myself busy what with it being New Year’s and all, that I wouldn’t get a chance to watch the movie today and I’ll just wait.  Yeah, fat chance.  I got on my computer this morning, watched two episodes of Friends, and then immediately put on the movie.

I couldn’t help myself!  When I obsess, I become unstoppable.  

I’m really glad the movie wasn’t a disappointment, I was afraid of that happening.  You know, when you find out something you weren’t really sure whether you wanted to know or not?  Well Before Sunset tied up a lot of the strings previously left hanging in the last movie, Before Sunrise.  The span of time they had together this time was even shorter than the last, depressingly enough.  

A difference between the two movies, however, is that this one really made me cry.  Like twice.  I hadn’t expected it to.  Strangely enough, the choked goodbye at the train platform in the last movie did not move me to tears, but a few guitar strings in Before Sunset did me in.  

I’m just oh-so-glad that there will be a final installment, out next year (thank GOD.  The wait would’ve killed me.)  It’ll be called Before Midnight and it’s out sometime in [hopefully] early 2013.  Totes psyched. 


Amoureusement votre,


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Before Sunrise

This movie is oh-so-absolutely perfect.  I’m usually a very critical person, but I have no suggestions on how this could have been filmed better.  Before Sunrise is about two young people, a man and a woman, who meet on a train in Europe.  They spend the day with one another in Vienna, using their precious allotted time with one another talking and getting to know each other.  They share their philosophical ideas on love, life, death, and the future.  

The two discuss their scattered ideas, which makes it all the more wonderful to watch.  They give you an opportunity to imagine events and continue their thoughts yourself.  I also like the year this movie was set in.  In 1995, they could call one another or send letters.  Today, they would’ve exchanged Facebook names and probably would’ve never spoke to one another again.  It’s great to see something set in a simpler time, where cellphones and electronics and social media and whatnot do not get in the way of conversation.  

This movie is perfect to watch when you’re looking for something to think about, something to make you appreciate the time you are given, or if you just want to watch a great love story.  It is thought-provoking and heart-warming, and it leaves you with the opportunity to fill in the blanks of what could be.  


Probably what I love so much about it is that it is not a perfect love story.  The two do not confess love to one another, rather they express their doubts about love and their future.  They do not run away with one another, they do not marry.  They say their hasty goodbyes and promise to meet again, to the viewer’s delight.  It leaves one wondering if their plans work out.


If you do ever watch this movie, I really hope you’ll love it as much as I do.


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Thoughts on Friends (the tv show)

My parents inadvertently introduced me to Friends when I was about 6 years old.  The Flinstones and Friends would be on at the same time as Friends, so there’d always be arguing on my part to watch my show.  When I’d lose the argument, I used to sit all pouty and pissed off.  Eventually, I don’t remember when, I began liking the show.  The show was in English with Arabic subtitles at the bottom.  At the time, I didn’t know any English, and I’d just started the first grade, so I was just learning how to read in Arabic.  I think I just laughed when the audience laughed.

So anyway, I’d catch glimpses of this show for the next decade, until finally last year when I decided to start watching the show online.  I sped through all 10 seasons over the summer, finally understanding the dirty jokes, let alone the dialogue.  It’s been a year since I finished watching it, and I recently decided to watch the whole series again.  I was feeling nostalgic.

After my experience with a large group of “friends” last year, I feel kind of weird watching the show.  Like, I don’t know how others perceive it, but it feels a little weird how they’re all just sleeping around with one another.  I think I may be more conservative than others, but last year there was a brother and a sister in our group and it felt so WEIRD to me when the sister was encouraging her best friend to make out with the brother.  

Gah.  I’m definitely not as “westernised” as I think I am.  Do any of you have any thoughts on this?  Would you feel weird having your older/younger brother/sister in your group and knowing who they’re going out with and what they’re doing with that person?


Conservatively yours, 


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Oh dear god, do they drive me insane.  I’m the oldest in a family of four kids, and there’s quite an age gap between us.  I’m 16 and they’re all under the age of 10.  See, my brother I don’t mind so much.  He’s 9 and obsessed with Minecraft, so he just sits on the computer all day not making any sound.  When my parents are around, my sisters behave themselves.  The older sister, let’s call her N1, is 8 and busies herself with watching YouTube videos of cats on her iPad.  I’m not sure what the 6 year old does, (let’s call her N2) but she’s usually screaming rather than speaking.

The past week my parents have been leaving the house more often than usual to buy presents for the kids.  When they’re not around, my two sisters gang up on me.  Yeah, I know, I’m much older and bigger than they are, but these girls are menacing.  They come up and scream in my ears when I try to ignore them, and when I get up to run after them, they run fast up to their room.  

I usually like to use the passive approach in dealing with them.  I don’t show them that what they do bothers me.  However, after 20 minutes of incessant purposeful shouting and toy-throwing [at me] I snap and start yelling at them.  Today was one of those days.

My solution to the problem?  Call mom and dad.  Totally put them in their place.  

I’m an older sister who is totally in charge.  Oh yeah.


Season’s Greetings, 


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On Purity Rings

I think I was in the 7th or 8th grade when I first heard about purity rings.  Even at my very naive age, I thought they were complete bullshit.  Really? I thought, you need a ring to remind yourself to not lose your virginity?  I found the whole notion quite silly.  Remaining pure till after marriage is a commitment you make to yourself; wearing a purity ring broadcasts your decision, and it becomes more a commitment to the public rather than one to yourself.  

Purity rings cause a problem to the wearer who changes his/her mind.  Our mindset and decisions and priorities are altered, even if just a tiny bit, on a daily basis.  Suppose you meet someone and decide to go ahead and have sex with them: you must take off your ring first.  Suddenly, the public eye is focused on your ring finger and its lack of a ring!  

In summation, I believe that a commitment does not need a ring, it only needs a determined mind.


Just felt like sharing an opinion.