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A Proper Introduction

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I was reading through some other blogs, and I just realized that I never properly introduced myself!  Here goes.

My name is not Adelaide Martin.  Adelaide was the first thing that sounded good on the “List of Baby Names” (why bother going through the other letters?) and Martin has been a last name I always wanted to use as my fake name, ever since I was 9 and watched a cartoon called Martin’s Mysteries.

I was born in Iraq and my family had to eventually leave due to the war.  We left when I was 9.  Since then, I’ve been to school to several different places, and then we finally settled here in this little country not too far away from my original home land.  Technically, I’m partly this nationality as well, so I’m not considered a foreigner at this point.  I live with my parents and 3 younger siblings.  I hope to move to New York for university.

I’m 16 and a junior in an international high school.  People come and leave often, and the high school is comprised of about 30 students.  My interests are somewhat varied: I’m into journalism, business, and the fashion industry.  I don’t belong with the “popular” crowd, if that’s what you can call it.  Last year, I was a part of the drinking crowd, but since all the European kids left, I’m trying to now find other people to hang out with.  

I have a tendency to not go through with my plans and ideas, and so my bedroom is stock full of abandoned hobbies and projects, such as unused yarn, scraps of fabric, a drawing instruction manual, several art projects, and an overpriced camera that is not getting proper attention.  I used to love reading novels, except at some point I ended up buying more than reading, so there are shelve-less piles of books lying around my room.  

I struggle with finding the motivation to do things, and so end up constantly wasting time on the internet, whether mindlessly looking at webcomics or watching tv shows.  

I started this blog to vent my feelings and tell the world about my life, because I do love having an audience that follows my mundane life.


I hope you enjoy this blog.  Follows, comments and likes mean the world to me, so don’t be shy with those 🙂




Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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