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Unjust Punishment

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Today, I got an uncalled for detention during school.  

During lunch, I went downstairs to the school basement to try and find my friends, since they often spend their time there.  No, they don’t smoke, drink, or do anything bad; they just sit around and talk.  I hadn’t even sat down on the staircase steps when my last year’s history teacher came over and called us into his room, along with a couple of other girls that were also in the basement.  

He goes into his desk and pulls out several detention slips, which he proceeds to hand out to us while angrily explaining that apparently, we are not supposed to be down in the basement and that he supposedly had warned others not to come down there.  This is all, of course, total bullshit.  My blonde friend tried to tell him that they had never been previously warned, but all he replied was “Bull,” in a raised voice.  

Once we wrote our names on the detention slips, we went off and told the school director about the issue.  She told us she’ll talk to the teacher who gave them out and get back to us.  

See, now in a normal large school, I would understand why being in the basement would be forbidden.  But our school is so small that no more than six people go down there to spend lunch.  The director herself had seen several people there hanging out, and said absolutely nothing.

I’m mad and refuse to serve my unjust detention.  I have lost all respect for the teacher who gave them out, and I barely had any left until this point.  He’s smug, disrespectful to anyone younger than him, unfair, vague about assignments, loves to hear himself talk, and a total penis.  Yes.  He is a total penis.  

All for now.  I haven’t been able to update as often since I’ve been so busy with school lessons and my AP class.  Now I have to go and work for the school newsletter which I do WITH the penis teacher.


Off for now.



Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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