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I got a haircut.  Got my hair cut real short.  Like, barely-grazing-my-shoulders short.  Big change, I haven’t had hair that short since 4th grade.  In November of 2010, I started dying my hair crazy colours.  In about March of 2011, I stopped the hair immediately at the roots and only dyed the parts that were already coloured, so my natural hair has had a while to grow out.  I now finally cut off all chemically treated hair!

It was so dry–twice bleached, 15 times dyed–I could barely brush it, even though I was using conditioner and hair masque while showering, and afterward doused it with leave-in conditioner.

I got compliments from everyone in my family, except for my middle sister, who’s always been critical of my odd hair.  Schoolmates and teachers also seemed to like it.

After the hairdresser cut all this hair off in 5 snips, which she accomplished in less than a full minute, I felt like a weight would be lifted and maybe I’ll “start anew” or whatever, you know, like those people who pretend that a new hairstyle (e.g. a 1mm trim off the bottom and bangs) means a new personality.  But I don’t feel anything different.  I’m still my bitter old self.  

The praise and attention for the hair will wear out fully tomorrow, and I’m still not sure who my friends are, and I’m still bitchy on the inside.  

Still the same, 



Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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