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I Cried

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Since I watched Before Sunrise last night, I’ve been quite obsessively thinking about the ending of the movie and what went down between the couple, and sometime after midnight while I was already in bed with the lights off, I considered going downstairs to retrieve my laptop and watch the sequel, Before Sunset.  This morning I wrote in my journal that I hope to keep myself busy what with it being New Year’s and all, that I wouldn’t get a chance to watch the movie today and I’ll just wait.  Yeah, fat chance.  I got on my computer this morning, watched two episodes of Friends, and then immediately put on the movie.

I couldn’t help myself!  When I obsess, I become unstoppable.  

I’m really glad the movie wasn’t a disappointment, I was afraid of that happening.  You know, when you find out something you weren’t really sure whether you wanted to know or not?  Well Before Sunset tied up a lot of the strings previously left hanging in the last movie, Before Sunrise.  The span of time they had together this time was even shorter than the last, depressingly enough.  

A difference between the two movies, however, is that this one really made me cry.  Like twice.  I hadn’t expected it to.  Strangely enough, the choked goodbye at the train platform in the last movie did not move me to tears, but a few guitar strings in Before Sunset did me in.  

I’m just oh-so-glad that there will be a final installment, out next year (thank GOD.  The wait would’ve killed me.)  It’ll be called Before Midnight and it’s out sometime in [hopefully] early 2013.  Totes psyched. 


Amoureusement votre,



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18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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