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My Future [Part 1]


I’ve heard from so many people that it’s alright not knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life, that I don’t have to decide right now what I’ll major in once I enter university.  Well, my problem is that I don’t know where I want to spend the rest of my life.  Although my teachers are all providing us with a good amount of guidance for finding universities, the one question that nobody cares about us finding the answer to is where we plan to live after university.  

The whole university search process is probably so much easier for kids who rarely travel and/or for those who feel happy where they are.  I, on the other hand, have no idea where I see myself in 10 years.  Which is normal, I guess.  But I at least want to have an image of which continent I’ll be on.  

I’d love to study in New York, but I’m not sure whether I should be going there for my undergraduate degree.  It’ll be very hard moving from this tiny little city to NYC, especially since I’m going there all by myself at the age of 18.  At the same time, I’d very much like to give Paris a try.  I’ve been yearning to go back there since the first time I went, in 2010; I didn’t appreciate it back then, but I do now.  The last option is Montreal, Canada, but that’s only if I fail at everything else.


More on this to come.

xx Adelaide



Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

2 thoughts on “My Future [Part 1]

  1. Good luck with everything, I am sure you will make the right choice and if not… It’s still ok

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