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French and Math

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I recently got my PSAT test score back.  I scored a 171/240, which I’m glad about (I think that’s good, right?  The average score is no more than 150.)  My Writing Skills section was, of course, my best area, with a whopping 68 points out of 80.  Reading Comprehension was alright, although I could stand to improve.  Math, however, was just down the gutter.  I scored higher than only 44% of people who’d taken the test, which is just awful for my standards.  

I asked our school math teacher for tutoring lessons, and he offered to give me SAT math exercises as long as I actually commit to doing them.  He said I could stay after school once or twice a week to check my answers, and I told him that it sounds like a good plan.

I also found a site called Duolingo.com which allows you to take free language courses in French, German, Spanish, and a couple other languages I believe.  It’s really nice to feel a little motivated to get things done.  I quit French class in September of this school year since I had collected all required credits and I wasn’t really learning from that class.  While doing these online exercises, I started noticing how much I’d forgotten.  It’s scary because I’ve only been away from French for four months, after taking it for four years.  I really need to constantly practice these things.

We only recently started school, first day back was this Tuesday.  It snowed a lot that night, so Wednesday was a day off.  Although I only went to school for three days the past week, I allowed myself to sleep in till 12 today.  I greatly enjoyed waking up to a bright noontime sun rather than the darkness of dawn at 7:30 (seriously.  Not even a HINT of sunlight till 8:15 AM these days.)   

Meanwhile, I’m still struggling to find the motivation to work on my AP course and make up for many of the things I haven’t yet turned in.  The shit part about it is that I shouldn’t start doing anything time-consuming until I do all the work, so until I finish doing my work, I can’t read books for pleasure, I can’t practice drawing, and I feel real guilty going out.  

I’m such an excuse-maker, really.  I need to make myself a work schedule and a reward system.  But everybody knows I don’t do well with those either.  

Just a little update.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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