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A Year Ago Today

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Exactly a year ago today, I was sitting at a salon chair getting my hair bleached for the second time.  I remember it clearly because I tipped the hairdresser 25% because she’d been working on my hair for four hours and it was 10 PM on Valentine’s Day.  She trimmed, bleached, and curled it all until I looked like a sophisticated 20 year old.  Two years ago yesterday, I dyed my hair bright flaming red for Valentine’s Day.  I think I do something a little crazy every year for this very lovey day.

This year, however, I did not do anything unordinary with my hair.  I instead planned a school-wide flower sale for V-Day for Student Council, which turned out successful.  

A year ago this weekend I would’ve probably gone out drinking at my favourite pub with my then “friends.”  A year ago today, I had a huge crush on a guy who ended up dating a very close friend of mine.  A year ago today, I was very full of silly hope of unrealistic situations and outcomes.  You cannot begin to imagine how glad I am that all the people that caused me complications last year have left.  Benefits of an international school, I guess.  Learning experiences.  At least I got all that partying out of my system last year, better then than now. 


On another note, I got my SAT score today.  For those who are unfamiliar with it, it’s the official university admissions test for American universities.  The test is scored out of 2400 points, except it’s pretty incredible to get anything above 2000.  On my first try, I managed to score 1640.  Really glad about that, I was freaking out I might get lower.  Of course, my highest-scored section was my Writing Skills.  That’s always my best.  I’ll be taking the SAT again in May, hopefully for the last time.  


Just a short update and a look into the past.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day everyone!

xx, Addie


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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