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I’m Upset

I’m upset.

I’d very much like to write about something joyful, something inspirational, something motivational, but I cannot.  Recalling a very long post I wrote weeks earlier, the younger sister of that same girl today also decided to insult me.  While discussing my favourite TV show with a friend, (The Walking Dead), a classmate of mine chimed in to our conversation, saying, “Oh, the Walking Dead?  That’s my friend’s favourite show too!” (Note that her friend is the younger sister of the girl who wouldn’t allow me to read her science poster during the Science Fair).  Upon finding out that someone else shares my interests, I turn to the younger sister and blurt out something about The Walking Dead.  Her response?  She stares at me, dead serious, and when she speaks, she says, “Don’t talk to me, ok?  Just don’t talk me.”  

What.  The.  Fuck.

My jaw actually dropped.  My schoolmates never cease to surprise me.  Situations like these make me seriously wish I was better at thinking on my feet and coming up with quick replies, but she just caught me SO off guard I was stumped.  My books for next period already in hand, I turn on my heel and walk in the direction of my next class.  Behind me I hear the sister’s friend laughing and saying, “You’re so mean!”  She continues giggling until I can no longer hear them.  

The thing is, this wasn’t and shouldn’t be considered a big deal.  The problem, however, is the simple fact that I just can’t stop thinking about it.  I’ve no need to speak to this girl.  She is immature and close-minded, yet the incident has clawed itself in my mind and won’t let go.  I can’t believe that so many people honestly believe that she’s “chill.”  She is annoying, immature, ditzy, and has a constantly open mouth spewing out immemorable, unimportant diarrhea.  

If anyone has any advice on not letting things like this get to you, feel free to comment and thanks in advance 🙂


Hope you all have a better day,



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MUN Trip

I’m finally back from my trip to Amsterdam!  

For the past week I’ve been out on a trip with my Model United Nations (MUN) club to The Netherlands.  We stayed in Amsterdam a couple of nights and attended our MUN conferences in The Hague.  The whole thing was incredible and wholly exciting and full of new experiences: I got to visit a new country, two new cities, the Anne Frank House, and see 5 Dutch mills preserved from the 17th century.  

This was my very first year doing MUN and the conference in The Hague was my first ever.  The event was a bit of a mess, to be honest, since the coordinators of the event sent out the most important preparatory information only about 3 weeks before the conference itself, which left us all rushing to research for and put together some worthwhile resolutions.  Each member of the MUN club had to write 3 resolutions to different issues relating to the councils they were in.  Resolutions are about a page or two long and are written in a special grammatical manner.  They list solutions to a world issue, say, the disproportionate impact of poverty on women.  So you have to take this topic, do your background research, and then list your solutions to this issue.

After all my and my fellow club members’ hard work, we attended our meetings only to find out we were the hardest workers there.  Nobody else from any other school in the MUN conference had a finished resolution, let alone 3.  On top of that, everybody there seemed to be breaking the strict, business dress code by wearing the shortest skirts and highest heels available.  

OTHER than that, I managed to meet 3 (yay) new people whom I’ve already added on Facebook.  Coming from an itty-bitty high school, I like to consider this a real achievement.  On the first day of the conference, before my group separated to attend our respective meeting rooms, a friend of mine and I started joking about how we have to go out and make friends *gasp* and how our school hasn’t prepared us for anything like that.  

Once I finally got a grasp of what was going on I decided to enter two of the resolutions I’d written.  I was advised to submit only 1, as it is much easier and far more interesting during debate time.  I handed over my less favourite resolution to a girl I’d met there and worked on the other one myself.  I spent the first half of the second day of conferences running all around the school in The Hague, going from the upstairs meeting rooms to the computers downstairs to the advisory board and back again.  When I’d eventually passed the final stage of submission, I headed back to the meeting room and later had my resolution discussed and debated over.  However, it was apparent that the resolution wasn’t as comprehensive as it should’ve been.  The final vote on mine was 8 for and 13 against.  Honestly, I wasn’t too bummed out about it.  I now know what needs to be included in a resolution in order for it to pass, I know I need to make friends who will help me advertise it, and I know how much work needs to be done in order for it to be discussed.  

I’m happy to say I’ll definitely be joining the MUN club again next year and will surely make a better and more comprehensive resolution and will try just as hard to get it passed.  

I hope everyone’s been doing well the past week!