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Sudden Weight Gain

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I woke up this morning, washed up, got dressed, and went downstairs.  As I usually do on my days off, I immediately went to the scale to weigh myself.  I use my morning weight as my point of reference for gain or loss, since morning is the time of day when I haven’t yet consumed anything.


I step on the scale and wait for the dreadful number to pop up on the digital screen.  My jaw drops when it does.

digital bathroom scale


I GAINED 2 KILOS THIS WEEK? What and how in the name of hell?  I’m so mad at myself right now.  I thought I’d never have to see that number again, but I guess I just did.  I’m currently refraining from eating breakfast for another hour at least, until I hopefully burn off 400 grams.  I really need some self-control.


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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