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Stressed and Overdue

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It feels like it’s summer already and I have the insufferable urge to just not go to school anymore, stop doing all my work, and bury my self in the 145 novels I want to read.  

My second SAT exam is next week.  Usually, you’re supposed to study hard for your second time, but I didn’t even bother this time.  I’ll be lucky to score 40 points higher than last time.  Six days after the SAT, on Friday, I have to go to school and isolate myself on a computer for 3 hours to take the AP exam, which I will be failing no doubt because, hey guess what, I didn’t bother to study for that one either.

Never have I ever been so challenged by schoolwork before.  It’s not only the exams worrying me, it’s the overdue work I need to complete soon before I fail several units.  I have a 15-page (double spaced) research project to write on F. Scott Fitzgerald as well as several essays and assignments for my AP Language and Composition course that were supposed to be done at least a month ago.  In short, I cannot wait for this school year to be over.

I can’t even think straight lately.  I seem to be unable to see anything beyond May 11, which is the day after I finish taking my AP test.  I’m turning 17 on May 24, and i think I might be considering actually having a party this year (more on that later).  I want presents.

Summer break starts on Friday, June 14 and school doesn’t start till the very beginning of September.  I’m really hoping to read a lot of books, comics, and magazines; watch a lot of movies and tv shows; and hopefully study for the next SAT test as well as catch up on some French.  


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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