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Lucky Charm

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Friday was the last big test I have to do this year!  I’m so excited it’s all finally (almost) over.  I’m done with the SAT and the AP Language and Composition exams, and now I can finally stop chastising myself for not studying (bad bad Addie, I know).  Now all that I have to do is finish a 3500 word research project, read a novel for said research project, make a PPT, finish a bunch of missing work for my AP class, and redo 3 tests.  Here goes the last month of junior year.  

On a happier note, my best friend is back in town!  She graduated high school last year and is now studying in Canada, but now she’s back here for the whole summer.  It’s weird, I feel like she was never even gone.  It feels perfectly normal to be lazying around her house all day, eating half our weight in takeout and sweets and watching a movie, then being forced to walk the dog by her mom.  

Also, the greatest thing happened: she found my lucky bracelet.  I thought I’d lost it in the airplane on the way back home from visiting her in Canada in October, but apparently I’d merely left it in her house.  We were in her room and she grabs it off a tabletop and goes, “Oh yeah, I’ve been wearing this everyday since you left, but here, you can have it back now.”

 To which I was absolutely ecstatic.  “OH MY GOD I NEVER LOST IT!  And yeah no kidding I can have it back, it’s MY lucky bracelet.”  

“Yeah well that’s the thing.  At this point it’s MY lucky bracelet too …”  


Anyway, I’m in a really great mood.  In one day I got both my best friend and my lucky charm back.  Coincidence?  I think not.


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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