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I haven’t written anything for a really long time.  Several things have happened since my last blog post, however none of them were too intriguing.  

I took the SAT test and now I’m waiting to receive my scores on Thursday (tomorrow).  I also took the AP Language and Composition exam and I feel I did terribly on that.  I’ll get to see my scores in July.  I probably scored a 3/5, meaning I won’t be receiving any college credit.  It’s my own fault that I didn’t study for it though. 

Since my best friend has arrived in the country, I’ve only managed to see her 4 times, one of those times being for only 15 minutes.  

Someone from my class hosted a party last weekend, with drinks and hookahs.  I thought it was terribly boring.  One of my friends wasn’t invited; I tried to mention this to the host twice except he said no (or, rather, my other classmates said no to bringing her).  Either way it was a waste of a Saturday to even go.  Student Council held a fundraising event on Friday, except that was a huge failure as well.

Several teachers from my school have up and sent in their resignation letters.  So far, 2 have left abruptly before the end of the school year, and another has decided she won’t be coming back to teach us next year.  There seem to be problems with the school administration as well as the community of parents.  This year, there’s an overwhelming sense of apathy that student have towards school: we don’t do our work on time, we aren’t motivated to study, and we haven’t bothered to maintain school-wide Student Council events.  Several of my schoolmates believe this has to do with the new principal being poor at keeping everyone in check.  One of the teachers who’d abruptly quit sent an email out this morning to, I believe, students only, disclosing the reasons for his abrupt resignation.  I maintain my earlier opinion, believing that he’s just being immature.  There’s only about 4 weeks left in the school year, and as a teacher, whether you hate the administration or not, should just suck it up and make sure not to create so many problems for your students.  He had several seniors relying on him to graduate this year, and the school has thankfully found a replacement for now.  It’s very unfair for your students’ grades to suffer because you couldn’t stand a mere 30 days working under an “indecisive administration.”  

My house is going under reconstruction.  There are workers tearing down the tiles on the first floor and redoing the whole thing.  The house is thus in a chaotic, dusty, and messy state and I have nowhere to do my schoolwork.  I hate having to be in my room the whole day because it’s depressing and always messy, so I have to sit on my bed to do work because the desk has stacks of magazines and books on it.  

I’m staying home from school today “to do work.”  I am now waiting to start doing said work.  

Anyway, I’m glad I finally wrote something here.  The guilt’s been eating me inside out.




Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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