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Birthday Party

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I’ve been putting off writing about how my birthday party went for the past week, so now I’m sitting here and forcing myself to get on with it.

If you’ve read my last post, you’d know that there were 13 people invited to a dinner party at a fancy-ish restaurant for my 17th birthday party.  It was a small get together.  In the end, there were 12 of us since one of the guests left the country.  The food was alright, but the service of the place was bothering me.  The waiters didn’t really have much knowledge of proper food serving, so they brought the salads, then immediately afterwards started piling on the main course. My best friend (also apparently the co-host) was the one who told them to stop and let the guests eat for a few minutes.

The night went alright.  The party was kind of split into two parts: the all-girls table with me, my two best friends with their three best friends; and the second table with the four boys and two other girls.  The second table kept themselves occupied and didn’t really do much until my best friend’s (the one who told the waiters to stop piling food.  Let’s call her Tsunami) friend saw that her phone has run out of money, so the only obvious option was to tell all the boys I’d invited to go off and refill her phone with some money (let’s call her Duchess).

All of a sudden, the four boys whom I’d invited get up and leave off and aren’t seen again for an hour later.  During this time, the rest of us finish eating and sit around basically staring at each other.  During this hour, the girl who’d originally sent the boys away has the audacity to state the fact that she’s bored and asks when the cake will be cut.  We’ll cut the cake when the third of my guests that you sent away comes back.  I had the right to be pissed off right then.  That wasn’t cool of her at all.  Tsunami was pretty mad about it too.  She said she’ll have a talk with the girl because what she did was extremely selfish.

After about 2 glasses of champagne each, the guys came back and we finally cut the cake.  The group disassembled outside the restaurant as five guests left, the Duchess went off to her apartment with, again, the four boys, to keep my presents and cake at her place for the night.  Admittedly, that was very nice of her and I appreciate the fact that she kept my stuff at her house.  My best friend and I remained together and went to a nearby hookah house (ironically, the hookah house is near the actual hooker house).  The Duchess and the four boys rejoined us about a quarter of an hour later.  We stayed at the hookah house for about an hour, until eleven, and then we went home.  I didn’t smoke much.  It doesn’t appeal to me anymore, or rather, it never appealed to me much and I only smoked because others did.  Understand that I don’t mean it was peer pressure, but it was just something I did for the heck of it.

A few days after the party, I finally remembered to ask Tsunami if she’d had the talk with the Duchess.  Tsunami didn’t seem too happy that I’d brought it up, and she was replying in short sentences.  She was pretty frustrated that the Duchess didn’t see her fault in the matter and didn’t get what she did wrong.  Tsunami said she’s just tired of how selfish the Duchess was being and she was also tired of how we’re both so very negative and over-the-top.  She didn’t say this in an insulting manner though, so I didn’t go on the defense.  

In a way, I never really wanted the Duchess to show up anyway since she hadn’t bothered to invite me to her birthday this ear nor to this other important event, but I invited her anyway because it’s a small school and I was inviting all her friends, whom with she’s much closer to than I am.  On the plus side, I’m not obligated to invite her to anything next year since she won’t even be in our school anymore.

Also on the plus side, we finally finished the school yearbook!  We’ve sent the final digital copy to the printing house and will be expecting the shipment to arrive hopefully by next week.

Glad to get that all off my chest.

I hope you all are having a great week 😀

xx, Addie


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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