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There has been an abrupt sort of uprising made by the teachers in our school.  Three teachers quit their jobs within six weeks of one another, and another sent in her resignation after only teaching here for a single year.

The chain-of-quitting, as we’ll call it, started with a male teacher quitting his job without much forward notice whatsoever.  Later it was vaguely (not concretely) revealed that he’d accepted a position elsewhere, yet I’m not sure how much of that to believe.  The second teacher to quit was Mr. Blaine* with only four weeks left in the school year.  Mr. Blaine later explained his resignation in a long email sent out to students and parents accounting the events that led to his abrupt quitting.  This email included copies of emails and conversations he’d exchanged with the highest school system administrators as well as the principal of our school.  The message also included some truths about how the current principal is inept at her job and poor at making decisions.  The third teacher to quit was also another (married) man who’d been involved in a supposed affair, made public by student and parent gossip, with an unmarried female teacher.  This is the same woman who has already given her resignation after her first year of being in this school.  The extent of the gossip went so far as to claim that the woman had been pregnant with the married teacher’s baby and that she’d gotten an abortion for it.  

What has the school done to quiet the calamity and suspicion that has swept the student body after the leaving of three teachers?  Why, an assembly of course, and a terrible one at that.  The regional director was called in (whom Mr. Blaine included in his long email) to let us know that replacements have been found and that all the gossip and rumours should stop now.  He told us that we shouldn’t feel guilty (no one was feeling guilty) and that all that has been going on is boloney and that we should just delete the email.  Umm … what?  Three teachers quit and another resigns and we’re expected to believe that everything is alright?  There must have been some reason for all these people leaving, whether they were good teachers or not.  Personally, I don’t care for any of the ones that did leave.  My opinion of them was not a good one, and for two of them, I’m quite overjoyed that I won’t be having them next year.  One of the teachers has already been replaced with a better guy who knows how to do his job better.  

I believe that Mr. Blaine’s actions were very immature, especially considering the fact that senior students were relying on him to give them their final grade.  The nosy person in me really likes that I’m in the know about these matters, however, as a professional, sending out that email and dragging in students was highly irresponsible and over-dramatic.  However, this does not mean that we should be told to ignore everything that email said.  The reason Mr. Blaine had for quitting should be taken into consideration, not just swept under the rug.  There are some serious issues going on in and around the school community: suspicion of what school funds are being spent on, questions regarding the quality of the teachers, and complaints over the lack of resources on campus, among many others.  These issues need to be fixed, not hidden, and the students and parents should most certainly be told the truth because that is the only surefire way to stop all these rumours.  

Hoping your school isn’t as corrupt as mine,

Adelaide Martin

*Fake name


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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