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Tabular Overload

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As I sit here waiting for a supermarket order of shrimp, parmesan, and macaroni to arrive, Google Chrome is grasping onto dear life what with the 25 tabs I currently have open.  I finally decided to check out other people’s blog, and so I opened several at the same time, as I always do when I see something interesting.  Anyway, I’m browsing, liking/leaving comments, and then deciding whether to follow or not.  

Call it friendly self-advertising, but it’s high time I check out what others are doing rather than selfishly waiting for people to find me.  

Not speaking of which, how are you guys liking my new avatar photo?  I never had one before because I wasn’t sure what to get, this being an anonymous blog and all.  But then I had the inspiration from a photograph saved up on my computer and google search led to google search led to EUREKA, an awesome pic from my favourite animated movie.  

Anywho, off to continue waiting for my salad ingredients to arrive, reading the contents of 25 tabs, and Netflixing Breaking Bad.


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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