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Senior Year & Stress

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Hi there!  

I’ve been gone for so long and feeling quite bad about it.  Senior year has started off with the arrival of a lovely new face in the shape of a handsome man at school.  The atmosphere around the building is, for the first year ever, not as poisonous as it used to be in the past.  People mostly keep to themselves and converse with whom they wish to talk to, but there’s no drama of any sort so far *knock on wood*.  

Classes are challenging what with Pre-Calculus, AP Psychology and Latin but I’m getting on just fine, as soon as I catch up to the latter two, which are online classes.

I took the SAT this Saturday, the 5th.  I’d signed up for Math 1, 2, and the Literature subject tests.  They weren’t required for any university I’m applying to but I decided to try them out anyway.  Suffice to say I’m not going to be sending out score reports to any school on my list …

I’m not going to lie: I’ve been quite stressed out about the whole idea of leaving home.  I don’t feel ready yet to leave home, especially since I’ll be moving off to a whole other continent (Northern America).  I’m considering schools in Boston, New York, and Montreal, but haven’t made up my mind or found out what my heart’s really yearning for.  

More on all of everything later.  Just wanted a quick update.




Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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