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Three Days=Week

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Been out all day around people the last three days.  Ugh.  People.  I stayed after school for a Model United Nations meeting on Thursday, then stayed another half hour helping decorate our Student Council-hosted haunted house for school Halloween.  I got home and got dressed for trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood with kids from my class (yes, seniors trick-or-treat too) and this was the first time I’d been with a large group.  Those of us remaining got home at about 9 and at 10 I started baking banana muffins for the Student Council bake sale the next day.  I baked two dozen muffins before I felt like collapsing, so I ended up waking up the next morning at 6:30 to bake another two dozen.  Miraculously, I did finish baking the next morning (Friday). 

On Friday I went to school as normal and spent half the day again decorating.  Later I went home for an hour to grab my costume, then came back to school again to set up for the Halloween event (on Nov. 1, not Oct. 31).  The event started at 6, and the StuCo members proceeded to spend an hour in the haunted house “scaring” little kids (there were a few criers all below the age of 6, but the rest weren’t scared one bit).  Needless to say, my throat was super sore this morning when I woke up at 6 AM.

Why would I wake up at 6 AM on a Saturday, you ask?  Well for the sake of the SAT of course!  Today was the last time I ever have to waken up at this god forsaken hour anxious for the test that will determine where I go to college.  The day was full of tradition: I was with the same group of kids from my class that were there last time in May; I had the same lady proctor who’d been monitoring my test-taking since the first time I took the SAT in January; and as always, after the test, we went out for burgers at the best place in town.  Finishing the SAT came with the greatest sense of relief.  I can’t believe I’m done!  Forever!  This test has been haunting me since January of this year and now I’m finally done and I no longer have to ever worry about–not–studying for it.  This dread has been lifted and now I can go on with my life, saving my anxiety for other aspects of academia!  Scores come out in 21 days and I’m really excited.  I feel I did well on this one 🙂

I hope any of you who took it today had a good one, I think this test was one of the easier ones.  






Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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