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Accomplishments and Hopes

I was just looking back over the post I made exactly a year ago.  It was my hopes for 2013.  Let’s keep this short with bullet points:

2012-Adelaide’s hopes for 2013-Adelaide:

  • Taking the SAT in January, May, and November CHECK
  • Worrying that my math score will be shit (it was) (680 in Critical Reading; 670 in Writing; and 540 in Math 😦 )CHECK
  • Hopes to go on the MUN trip to Amsterdam CHECK
  • Taking the AP Writing exam CHECK (but sucked, got a 3/5)
  • Touring universities over the summer NOPE DIDN’T HAPPEN
  • Sending out uni apps IN PROCESS (I have about 24 hours left till the deadline oh god fuckkkk)
  • Changing my attitude and mindset CHECK (Rather than focusing on being jealous, I’ve adopted an I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude)
  • Write more EHHH (I make journal entries now and then …)
  • Draw more NOPE
  • Take more photographs EHHH (Not so much, but the few that I have been taking are better than my earlier works)

And there’s 2013 in accomplishments.  Oh and I also ended up taking the TOEFL recently and scored a 114/120.  Woohoo!

My hopes for 2014 are as follows:

  • Not having a mental breakdown
  • Seriously, not having a mental breakdown.
  • Keeping up with all my classes
  • Not fucking up my grades in any of my classes
  • Getting accepted into A university (any.  Please.  Oh god.)
  • Not having a mental breakdown while waiting for my acceptance/rejection letters
  • Graduating with my class in June
  • Not having a mental breakdown
  • Not pissing everyone off
  • Not having a mental breakdown throughout my first semester in university

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When You Know The Topic is Wrong

It doesn’t really feel like New Year’s today.  There’s something up with the weather.  My friend says it’s cold to celebrate while I don’t think there’s enough snow.  The house is decorated, but I haven’t been in a festive mood at all.  

My mom’s in a bad mood and I’m not sure why.  I guess she’s stressed?  There’s always a lot of cooking going on New Year’s Eve.  Plus there’s the whole finding a way to dispense the presents without the kids seeing who’s doing it.  I cleaned up the dishes and the my took my stuff off the dining table like she asked, and later I asked if there’s anything that she needs me to do, but she’s being cold and refusing me.  I hate when she does that.  

In other news, the university application deadline is tomorrow, January 1st.  Great date, really.  Thanks a bunch for whoever set that up.  I’m going to have to take Syracuse University off my list because I’m having issues with recommendation letters (long, boring story).  I suppose they weren’t really my first choice anyway.  I added Syracuse because they offered both Education and Fashion Design, which are both second-choice majors for me.  Tomorrow, I’ll be just sending in my application to New York University, my dream school that will most likely shoot me down.  Keeping that in mind, I still want to make certain what they think of me.  

On the 3rd I’m turning in my application for Boston University, my current favourite off my list.  They offer so many study options and have a really strong Journalism programme.  Unfortunately, I missed the scholarship deadline by a month due to being stupid and not checking beforehand.  

I still haven’t written my personal statement.  I don’t know what I’m waiting for.  I’d originally went for the “background story” option that the Common Application offers, but the story just isn’t right.  I can’t lead it into the right direction (not that I know where that is) so I figure I should choose a different topic entirely and start over.  You know you’ve picked the wrong topic when you cannot bring yourself to work with it.


Happy New Year to you all and hope to be seeing you in 2014!

Adelaide Martin

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Uni Apps need motivation that I don’t have

For every single morning of the past week, I’ve been waking up everyday with the single foreboding thought of university applications.  Dun dun dunnnn.  It’s awful how I spend my first waking moment thinking of that.  Yet I proceed to spend the day not doing any work on them.  I’m applying to six universities: my dream school, New York University (NY); Four schools that are in my range, being Boston University (MA), Emerson College (MA), Syracuse University (NY), and Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.  My safe school is a liberal arts place in Rome, Italy, called John Cabot University.  

I’ve got my two teacher recommenders down, my Common App all filled out, and my test scores in.  Now I’ve just got to do my personal statement and fill in the individual supplementary essays for each school.  Woohoo.  

I really really don’t want to.

Merry Christmas to all you who celebrate,

Happy normal day for the rest who don’t.

Lazily yours,


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And god said, let there be a stable internet connection: and there was a strong internet connection

Wow I haven’t been on in so long.  Since my last blog post, my hamster escaped her cage, leaving behind her 2-week old newborns; we didn’t have a volleyball team; and I’d barely gotten started on my college application essay.  Now, my hamsters have multiplied yet again with another pair of twins, so now there’s 7 little hamsters in the cage.  We have set up the first-ever girl’s volleyball team for our school, and my college application essay is yet to be completed *sigh*.  Winter break starts tomorrow till the first week of January, so yaysies  😀 

What’s everyone else been up to?