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Uni Apps need motivation that I don’t have

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For every single morning of the past week, I’ve been waking up everyday with the single foreboding thought of university applications.  Dun dun dunnnn.  It’s awful how I spend my first waking moment thinking of that.  Yet I proceed to spend the day not doing any work on them.  I’m applying to six universities: my dream school, New York University (NY); Four schools that are in my range, being Boston University (MA), Emerson College (MA), Syracuse University (NY), and Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.  My safe school is a liberal arts place in Rome, Italy, called John Cabot University.  

I’ve got my two teacher recommenders down, my Common App all filled out, and my test scores in.  Now I’ve just got to do my personal statement and fill in the individual supplementary essays for each school.  Woohoo.  

I really really don’t want to.

Merry Christmas to all you who celebrate,

Happy normal day for the rest who don’t.

Lazily yours,



Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

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