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Ski Trip — Clothing advice?


We’re going on a ski trip this Friday with the P.E. coach and the very attractive History teacher.  I’ve only skied once before, in the 7th grade, and considering that was the only and last time I went, you can tell it didn’t go too well.  Anyway, class trip and hot teacher and inexperienced skier.  I have no idea what to wear (#GirlProblems).  I’ve been asking my more experienced friend and she’s saying as long as I can keep warm, it’s fine.  I don’t own a winter jacket or ski pants or thermal underwear as the internet says I should.  There’s really no point in buying all this stuff if you’re only going once though, right?  People keep saying the plae we’re going to doesn’t have any clothes rentals, and even if they did, most probably wouldn’t even fit.  Gah, this is such a middle school-y problem to worry about.  I guess I just don’t want to embarrass myself and I always feel especially self-conscious when my clothes aren’t fitting properly, let alone constantly falling over because I can’t SPORT (any and all sports.  Can’t do them).

*Sigh*.  Plus there’s an odd number of skiers that I’m close with.  It’s five of us girls, and two know how to ski and me, my friend Skillet and another girl, my definitely-not-a-friend, are the inexperienced ones.  The not-a-friend is shoving her way in with Skillet and I’m not too happy with the arrangement.  Ski lifts have only two seats!  Ugh.

Excuse the childish post



Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

4 thoughts on “Ski Trip — Clothing advice?

  1. I’ve only been once, so I’m also inexperienced in that area, but I went last year with my friend and can tell you that I kind of agree with the internet. You definitely need a thick coat, but any sort of heavy winter coat will be okay, as long as you have heavy gloves too. I’d also recommend some actual ski pants as I didn’t think I’d need them but they’re waterproof and keep you super warm too as opposed to just jeans. And a helmet! But you can usually rent those at any ski place. Have fun! 🙂

    • I had the heavy coat on the whole time. The only reason it got slightly chilly was because I was sweating. And OMG yes, the gloves are a must have. I’m so glad I had a waterproof pair; knit ones don’t insulate a thing up there on the mountain. I ended up going in sweats and leggings (due to a lack of any other option) and I got wet eventually. Not hypothermic so far 😛 Having snow pants would’ve defs been preferable though. Oh yeah and I rented a helmet, our chaperones made it mandatory.

      Thanks 😀 It was an interesting experience

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