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Firsts are always the worst


So today I went on that ski trip I wrote about last week.  I got a very basic 15-minute lesson from my history teacher who loves the outdoors (which was incredibly embarrassing because I couldn’t stay on my feet).  He decided to get me and another girl a trainer while he took care of supervising my friend Skillet, who’s apparently skied once before.  I was upset about this at the beginning because I was slowing everybody down and I felt like I was being gotten rid of, but in the end I was really glad I was put with an stranger to give me lessons rather than my teacher whom I have to see everyday.

I.  Was.  Awful.  My god.  I wasn’t afraid of falling but my rented ski boots hurt like hell, my rented helmet got sweaty, and I found out the extremely painful way that I have zero leg muscle.  My thighs and calves were on fiiiirrreeee.  I have to say I’m proud with the fact that I didn’t fall down once when I was with the instructor (which I joked about later with History Teacher [here on out HT] saying, “I stopped falling once you left).  I can’t say the same about the part where I threw myself down into the snow because I was too tired.  Eventually my non-leg muscles hurt too bad and the instructor suggested I walk down the slope.  So I’d skied a third of it and walked the rest.  *Sigh*.  Overall, I didn’t NOT like it and I definitely didn’t hate it.

Later at home in the shower I realized this was basically my first time actually skiing, which reminded of the truth that I live by: The first time will always be the worst.  The first time you drive, first time you play an instrument, your first kiss, and your first ski session will not go amazingly.  It’s ok to suck.  You won’t be perfect from the start.

Also, all that stressing out I’ve been through over the last week over the fact that I don’t own a pair of snow pants wasn’t worth it.  I wore a pair of knee socks, leggings, and sweats on top and while those got wet, I was alright.  Waterproof gloves, however, are a must if you want to keep your hands attached to your wrists.  I wouldn’t have made it without a pair.

Trip highlights:

  • Skipping a full day of school on a Friday
  • Applying knowledge from my Conceptual Physics class into the real world (Physics teacher’s reaction when we told her: “You’re scaring me now)
  • Screaming out “FUCK!” in front of History Teacher when I fell for the third time


Goodnight, all.  I hope I’ll be able to walk tomorrow morn 🙂

xx, Addie


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

3 thoughts on “Firsts are always the worst

  1. I would be scared to! Good that you did it!

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