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Off the Vegan End, Part 1


I’ve decided to go on lent this year.  For those following a Christian calendar (what now?) the 40-day fast started this Wednesday and will last till Easter.  Why am I doing it?  Not for religious reasons.  I am, however, following the strictest Armenian tradition of going absolutely vegan for the duration of lent.  Let’s ask again: Why?  Because I wanted to.  Somewhat as a reason to stop myself from eating the greasy, overly carb- and starch-focused school lunches.  Somewhat to see what being vegan is all about (and whether or not one can really be happy following a diet like that).  I’ve also been excited about cooking lately. Last Saturday, I was stressing out over the lack of items I have to eat.  I’ve been doing research and trying to find recipes for the past couple of weeks, most of which require soy products.  All the recipes I’ve been looking up require soy cheese, facon bacon, tofu, fake meat, etc. etc.  All products I cannot get my hands on.  Here’s a little twist to my lent: Armenia doesn’t stock much soy products.  Aside from soy milk, there really isn’t much else.  They’ve stopped importing soy beans and tofu is nonexistent.  I’ve been forced to resolve to going all-natural for the next six week.  Challenge.  Accepted.


Author: Adelaide Martin

18 year old international student's transition into college life on a new continent.

2 thoughts on “Off the Vegan End, Part 1

  1. Dear Midnight Impulse,
    Best of luck to you, and I will pray for you.
    God bless,

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