Midnight Impulse

learning experiences and impulsive decisions


I constantly run into these bucket lists all around the internet, but I never actually sat down and made my own.  Till now.  Here goes:

  1. Write five original short stories
  2. Write a novel
  3. Publish a novel
  4. Sell a photograph I’ve taken
  5. Participate in a walk for a good cause
  6. Leave a little money in an envelope stuck onto a vending machine
  7. Print out encouraging messages on small cards and hand them out at random to strangers
  8. Give money to someone who needs it more than I do
  9. Write a note and leave it in a favourite book in a bookstore/library for someone to find
  10. Start a gratitude journal and write something good that happened to me that day, keep it for a year (in progress)
  11. Donate clothes and toys
  12. Donate school supplies to needy children in the villages in September
  13. Donate presents to children in orphanages on New Year’s
  14. Pick up a piece of trash lying in the street and throw it into a trash can
  15. Give a mom or dad in need a break and take their kids out for the day (my treat)
  16. Take a CPR class
  17. Bring old magazines to a hospital or doctor’s waiting room
  18. Visit a nursing home just to talk to some of the residents
  19. Feed someone’s parking meter that is about to expire
  20. Write a note to management about employees who do an excellent job
  21. Visit an elderly relative I have never met, but who might enjoy company
  22. Make a detailed family tree
  23. Give someone a compliment for something they always do but are never thanked for (like mom’s cooking)
  24. Go zip lining
  25. Go sailing
  26. Swim with and ride a dolphin
  27. Go to Disney World
  28. Decorate my own apartment
  29. Live with a roommate (outside of university dorms)
  30. Drive a jet ski
  31. Ride a mechanical bull
  32.  Go to an indoor trampoline park
  33. Play laser tag
  34. Play paintball
  35. Go rock climbing
  36. Go on a Caribbean cruise
  37. Go on a European cruise
  38. Ride a train across Europe
  39. Aimlessly wander around a city for a couple days or more
  40. Aimlessly wander around a city with a stranger (Before Sunrise-style)
  41. Spark a friendship with a complete stranger abroad
  42. Have a snail-mail correspondence with a friend for a while
  43. Volunteer as an English teacher for non-English speakers
  44. Become fluent in Arabic
  45. Become fluent in French
  46. Become fluent in Armenian
  47. Learn Russian
  48. Take an art class
  49. Go scuba diving
  50. Ride a Segway scooter
  51. Go camping
  52. Go hiking
  53. Ride in a hot air balloon
  54. Ride in a limo
  55. Go go-karting
  56. Go Buggy Karting
  57. Meet someone famous
  58. Go to a wedding and enjoy myself
  59. Get a massage
  60. Crush grapes in a vineyard
  61. Go cheese & wine tasting
  62. Work for a magazine company
  63. Publish my own magazine (online or print)
  64. Have a mini fashion-line of sorts
  65. Be on TV
  66. Be the translator for a political event
  67. Travel for a school event
  68. Photograph a family vacation
  69. Go on a legitimate “business trip”
  70. Travel in first/business class on an airplane
  71. Visit the top 3 major cities in 3 different countries
  72. Document travels, similarities and differences between each city
  73.  Go ice skating
  74. Learn roller blading
  75. Jump rope 200 times in a row
  76. Host a dinner party at random
  77. Be a maid-of-honour, host awesome bachelorette party
  78. Ride a horse
  79. Drive and ride on the back of a quad
  80. Go to a concert
  81. Go to a concert in the park
  82. Be an extra in a movie
  83. Drive off into the middle of nowhere just to stargaze
  84. Go on a road trip with close friends
  85. Take someone on a tour of a place I know well
  86. Open up a cafe/bar
  87. Donate money to reconstruct a poor school in Armenia (for when I’m older)
  88. Become an organ donor
  89. Donate blood
  90. Get a manicure and pedicure
  91. Go to a dinner theatre
  92. Be on a sports team 
  93. Have a bonfire
  94. Skinny dip
  95. Watch a meteor shower
  96. Take a semester abroad in university
  97. Go on vacation and not use the internet for seven full days
  98. Take a good photograph with my whole family
  99. Put a message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean
  100. Visit a water fall
  101. Ride an elephant
  102. Go on a blimp
  103. Have a picnic at the park
  104. Buy fabric and spices from India
  105. Go skiing
  106. Go snowboarding
  107. Spend the day at a spa
  108. Go on a Halloween tour
  109. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
  110. Attach notes to balloons and release them
  111. Attend a Broadway play
  112. Go to a drive-in movie theatre
  113. Buy specific souvenirs from each country I visit (ceramic mill from Netherlands, mini Eiffel Tour statue from France, moose plushie from Canada, etc.) (In progress)
  114. Go on a trip with my sisters when they’re older
  115. Go to some sort of Comic-con convetion
  116. Go to a big music festival, like Reading or Rock le Seine
  117. Build an eco-friendly, self-sustainable house (in case of zombie apocalypse) like this (but prettier)
  118. Decorate my own home
  119. Host a masquerade
  120. Participate in a food fight
  121. Milk a cow
  122. Attend Coachella/Lollapalooza
  123. Get legitimate journalistic experience before university
  124. Wait in line outside a store for a new product/book/cd
  125. Attend a film premiere
  126. Try out being a vegan/vegetarian
  127. Experience Christmas in the summer
  128. Go to an American “Red Solo Cup” party
  129. Attend Fashion Week somewhere, anywhere …
  130. Visit Legoland
  131. Go on a plane with a standby ticket with no specific destination in mind

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