Midnight Impulse

learning experiences and impulsive decisions

Not So Mainstream

In hopes of getting away from the top 40 Charts and getting some interest into more “underground” people, here is a page listing all slightly-below-the-international-radar stuff I know about.

P.S.: Hardcore hipsters will not find any of this hipster enough for them.


Fantastic band Bastille.  Soft pop IS a thing, with the occasional dance-able track.  Will reinforce a love for triangles.

The Vaccines.  Indie rock with a taste of youth and summer.  Let your first track be “All in White” and I guarantee immediate love.

Stromae.  I realise he isn’t an “underground” musician, but finding songs by him other than “Alors On Danse” was a revelation.

Around the Net

Polish fashion blogger Margaret.  Pops of colour.  Girly punk.  Wild hair.

Zen Pencils.  Inspirational quotes in comic form.

Duolingo.  Learn a second–or third or fourth or fifth!–language for free on this online interactive site.  Grammar and speaking made accessible.


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