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I got into university today!  Well, my second uni.  I got my acceptance to Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and on Monday I found out I’d gotten into, drum roll please,

Emerson University!  This one was probably the one I had the highest chances of getting into but was still stressing over because I knew that I would be absolutely heartbroken if I hadn’t gotten into it.  It’s the perfect school for pursuing journalism or any writing-based major.  I’m also really excited because I got the half-tuition scholarship (as well as getting accepted into the Honours Programme) so this makes Emerson the cheapest option as well as the most academically-satisfying.

I’m still waiting on Boston University (results coming this Saturday), NYU, and Concordia U in Montreal.  I’m so excited!  It has only hit me now.  Emerson sent out an email inviting all accepted students to the freshman page of 2014.  It’s super cute, with all 1200 (as of now) accepted freshmen posting their “about me” sections, discussing favourite music, hobbies, and activities they excel at.  Maybe you’ll find me there 😉

On a separate note, I’m off to St Petersburg in Russia this week, from Saturday to Saturday–It’s the Model United Nations trip (for which I’m still writing my second resolution and policy statements like … right now.  We finally got our visas and I’m excited, plus it’s a fantastic time to visit Russia right now (isn’t ALWAYS a fantastic time to visit Russia?).  We will be attending the SPIMUN conference along with (apparently) another 450 delegates.  The neurotic that I am, I’ve already prepared my packing list and will be going last-minute clothes shopping tomorrow.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with schoolwork.  I was hoping to have things a bit easy this next month, but I’ve got my 30-page research paper to draft and complete, yearbook is picking up pace and needs to be finished, I have novels to read, this trip to take, a university-visiting trip later in April, and then my two AP classes to finish and study for for the May AP exams.  That plus online Latin I, in which I’m still on unit 1.  I’m so fucked.  I need better time management and perhaps less sleep (ironically, my AP Psychology class warns against purposeful sleep deprivation).

The greenhouse my friend and I got for the school has sort of turned into a disastrous project.  A local company came to the school and built it in three or four days but due to the high wind in the area, the plastic covering has been torn and ripped off the metal structure.  Along with the teachers we picked to guide us through the process, we–are–pissed.  The quality of the building was nowhere near what we expected and does not correspond to the price we paid for the structure.  The dream-turned-nightmare has become the subject of hysterics from other students who’ve seen it and a source of absolute embarrassment for me.  We called over the company today and they came and checked the thing out and decided on a second plan to rebuild it properly, so I’m really hoping that works out better than the last time.

I should be off to start my homework (40 minutes before midnight, of course).

Maybe I’ll rename the blog to Midnight Homework.  Midnight Procrastinator?  Midnight Assignments.  Hm 🙂

Off for now,


P.S.: Those of you applying now, have you heard back anything from your universities?  I really want to find people to share a boat with here 😛


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University Application Essay

Smell that?  That’s senior university application stress sweat.  Ick.  I’ve been having a hard time with the essay section.  I keep feeling as if they’re trick questions.  “Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.” (Commonapp.org).  Operating word being believe.  Oh, I believe.  believe I have a story that is central to my identity.  Here, have my story that I believe makes me the person who I ammmmm.  So fruity and condescending.  

In trying to be original, or at least unique, I don’t want to come off as a try hard.  In trying to share my story, I don’t want to be pitied for it.  And a part of me just refuses to let anybody know my innermost desires, so I feel like showing the university my talents and goals is too intimate.  In that, I risk not being genuine.  It’s a Catch-22.  Is it?  I’ve never read the book.  

I like to consider myself a good writer; but what type of writer is afraid of putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard.  Whoah, it’s the 21st century already?!)?  So far I have six sentences written and I’m not sure how I feel about them.  I guess I just need to keep on going and quit having the compulsive need of producing perfect sentences for my first draft.

For all the high school seniors out there struggling with the same thing right now, I leave you off with the following tips:

1.  Present yourself.  This university has never met you.  Show them who you are beyond your statistics and grades.

2.  You can be unique, but only if you can pull it off.  Sure, sending in a Shakespearean sonnet is impressive, but don’t it attempt if you know poetry isn’t your strong point.

3.  Don’t go for pity.  Never go for pity.  Incite thoughtfulness, approval, rage … but not pity.

4.  This one seems to matter the most: show them the elements of your personality.  Your goals, your interests, your talents, your strengths, your sensitivities.  Show them that you’re a person.

5.  Go and start writing your essay.  Stop browsing for advice and just start.  Throw out random sentences, phrases, words even, that you want to use and your essay will eventually come together.

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Senior Year & Stress

Hi there!  

I’ve been gone for so long and feeling quite bad about it.  Senior year has started off with the arrival of a lovely new face in the shape of a handsome man at school.  The atmosphere around the building is, for the first year ever, not as poisonous as it used to be in the past.  People mostly keep to themselves and converse with whom they wish to talk to, but there’s no drama of any sort so far *knock on wood*.  

Classes are challenging what with Pre-Calculus, AP Psychology and Latin but I’m getting on just fine, as soon as I catch up to the latter two, which are online classes.

I took the SAT this Saturday, the 5th.  I’d signed up for Math 1, 2, and the Literature subject tests.  They weren’t required for any university I’m applying to but I decided to try them out anyway.  Suffice to say I’m not going to be sending out score reports to any school on my list …

I’m not going to lie: I’ve been quite stressed out about the whole idea of leaving home.  I don’t feel ready yet to leave home, especially since I’ll be moving off to a whole other continent (Northern America).  I’m considering schools in Boston, New York, and Montreal, but haven’t made up my mind or found out what my heart’s really yearning for.  

More on all of everything later.  Just wanted a quick update.