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Quite the ordeal

Clothes shopping’s always a tough trip.  You set out with a positive state of mind going, this time, I’m buying some really great pieces from that store I never buy anything from.  Super pumped, walk into the store excited and bright eyed; start grabbing things left and right.  Make a trip to the fitting rooms when your arms are about to collapse and you’ve surpassed the limit of things you’re allowed to take in with you at a time.  

You’re in there changing but the first shirt doesn’t fit.  No problem, there’s a ton of stuff you picked out.  Except that those don’t fit right either.  Kind of hard to find the right fit at a store that has limited sizing.  Spirits down, you try on the very last piece in your selection.  The best piece, the one you kept for last because you oh-so-hoped it’d look good on you.  You slip it on (or rather tug, in this case).  Both legs are in, time to pull ’em up.  But what, success!  It buttons!  It zips!  It fits!  But most importantly, it looks good. 

With optimism at heart, you hand in all the pieces that won’t fit till you’ve lost 15 kilos or so, and start with your second trip around the same–or perhaps another–store.  This time, the clothes you’ve picked out are better.  They are the right type of material that stretches and flatters.  Moreover, they are the clothes you’ve been looking for but couldn’t see because you were focusing so hard on the shiny new trends.  

After a couple of tries, you’ve managed to find a few pieces.  In my opinion, just one item is a success.  You pay, you walk out, and go about your day, shopper’s glow all over your face.

Maybe you’ll stick around the mall for a bit longer.  Maybe you’ll walk into other stores and find little pieces that will perfectly accent the clothes you just bought.  Maybe you’ll walk out the building wanting to come back again for more: accessories  shoes, perfume.  

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad ordeal after all.

Happy shopping,