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Almost All Packed Up

I’m off to St Petersburg for my MUN trip tomorrow morning.  I’ve been up in my room packing for an hour and a half, and so far all I’ve got left is the last-minute packing like toothbrush and computer.  I’m excited for the trip part but sort of nervous about the MUN meetings themselves.  I don’t feel as well prepared as I was last year, nor as knowledgable.  My resolutions aren’t that fantastic and I’ve already set my mind on not trying to get them passed but rather spend my time debating points and making speeches in favour of or against amendments and resolutions.  I didn’t speak much last year so I figure I should this time.

We have a really busy trip chock-full of sightseeing and dinners, plus the three days of the actual MUN meetings.  I had all my outfits planned out and written down, so packing this time was a breeze.  The only tricky part was the fact that we’re not sure what the weather is like.  The forecast says it’s fine weather (from -2C to 10C) but then there’s pictures of very light snow.  We’ve been told to dress warm and bring our winter gear.  I hate winter trips.  They’re always heavy and bulky and seem excessive.

Anyway, I’m going to be in Russia from Saturday to Saturday, so I’m staying there a week.  I will be sharing a room with my friend Skillet and another girl, Pasta.  There’s four boys coming with us and our two teacher chaperones.

I should be off to sleep, I have to get up at 4, be at the airport at 6, and fly at 8AM.

Goodnight everyone and see you sometime,



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2014 Resolutions

I didn’t give much thought to them before December 31, but now I figured them out: in 2014, I aim to be less bossy.  I will work to stop nagging people to do their work (because it’s annoying and I’m a hypocrite) and I will not correct anyone’s grammatical mistakes unless asked.

I sent my common applications off to New York University and Boston University, and I must say it feels really nice to be over with them.  I now have Emerson College due on the 15th, Concordia University (Montreal) due February 1st, and John Cabot due I-honestly-have-no-idea-when.  Should probably figure that one out.

I’m upset with myself for not doing AP work like I was meant to.  I’m five units behind in two classes, and now I’m going to be even more behind because semester two of the courses (AP Psychology and Latin I) will be starting.  But what can I do?  I have no choice other than to sit down and finish my work.  

We go back to school on Tuesday (Armenian Christmas is on Monday, January 6, so they have to give us that for break) and this semester I have nine classes (out of only three required classes), three of which are online.  It’s great to know that the school internet is good enough for me to do work during school hours.  Except you know.  IT’S NOT.  So online classes=home classes.  I have after school activities everyday: Mondays and Wednesdays we have volleyball practice, Tuesdays and Fridays we have Yearbook (which I am proud to say I will be teacher-aiding during it!) and MUN on Thursdays, plus 20-minute Student Council meetings during morning break on Tuesdays.  

This semester I plan to actually spend time at the gym.  Last fall I kept on making the excuse that I have too much work to do to work out, but everyday I ended up neither exercising nor well, doing my exercises.  

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MUN Trip

I’m finally back from my trip to Amsterdam!  

For the past week I’ve been out on a trip with my Model United Nations (MUN) club to The Netherlands.  We stayed in Amsterdam a couple of nights and attended our MUN conferences in The Hague.  The whole thing was incredible and wholly exciting and full of new experiences: I got to visit a new country, two new cities, the Anne Frank House, and see 5 Dutch mills preserved from the 17th century.  

This was my very first year doing MUN and the conference in The Hague was my first ever.  The event was a bit of a mess, to be honest, since the coordinators of the event sent out the most important preparatory information only about 3 weeks before the conference itself, which left us all rushing to research for and put together some worthwhile resolutions.  Each member of the MUN club had to write 3 resolutions to different issues relating to the councils they were in.  Resolutions are about a page or two long and are written in a special grammatical manner.  They list solutions to a world issue, say, the disproportionate impact of poverty on women.  So you have to take this topic, do your background research, and then list your solutions to this issue.

After all my and my fellow club members’ hard work, we attended our meetings only to find out we were the hardest workers there.  Nobody else from any other school in the MUN conference had a finished resolution, let alone 3.  On top of that, everybody there seemed to be breaking the strict, business dress code by wearing the shortest skirts and highest heels available.  

OTHER than that, I managed to meet 3 (yay) new people whom I’ve already added on Facebook.  Coming from an itty-bitty high school, I like to consider this a real achievement.  On the first day of the conference, before my group separated to attend our respective meeting rooms, a friend of mine and I started joking about how we have to go out and make friends *gasp* and how our school hasn’t prepared us for anything like that.  

Once I finally got a grasp of what was going on I decided to enter two of the resolutions I’d written.  I was advised to submit only 1, as it is much easier and far more interesting during debate time.  I handed over my less favourite resolution to a girl I’d met there and worked on the other one myself.  I spent the first half of the second day of conferences running all around the school in The Hague, going from the upstairs meeting rooms to the computers downstairs to the advisory board and back again.  When I’d eventually passed the final stage of submission, I headed back to the meeting room and later had my resolution discussed and debated over.  However, it was apparent that the resolution wasn’t as comprehensive as it should’ve been.  The final vote on mine was 8 for and 13 against.  Honestly, I wasn’t too bummed out about it.  I now know what needs to be included in a resolution in order for it to pass, I know I need to make friends who will help me advertise it, and I know how much work needs to be done in order for it to be discussed.  

I’m happy to say I’ll definitely be joining the MUN club again next year and will surely make a better and more comprehensive resolution and will try just as hard to get it passed.  

I hope everyone’s been doing well the past week!  



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Dreams and Stress and Resolutions

Last night I dreamt it was my wedding day, except I was the groom rather than the bride. This dream wasn’t particularly descriptive imagery-wise, but it was superb concerning the feelings it created. I was getting married and was happy in the dream I think I might’ve actually smiled in my sleep. The best way I can describe it is by saying it felt like the feeling you have when it’s your birthday. You know, when you were small and it was your birthday and you felt this amazing happiness because IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY, when you wake up and you can just tell that today is a super special day. If one day in the future I decide to get a sex change, let this be proof that my subconscience knew it all along (or you know, that my dreams predict the future.)
Concerning the “Stress” part of the title of this post, I’ve actually been dealing with stress the past few weeks, for like, the first time in my life. I’m honestly one of the least stressed-out people in my grade (not a big accomplishment considering there’s only about 10 of us.) OMG Addie, that’s great, you never get stressed! yeah no, not that great. Epic downside to this: if and when I do stress out, I became a crippled ball of tears. Literally. I break down crying, fearing that I’ll fail or get kicked out of something. Most stressful thing I’m dealing with this semester? No, not the Advanced Placement exam. SAT? nope. Fucking MUN. My Model United Nations club is going on a trip to another country in Europe in mid-March, and this is honestly the most serious shit I’ve ever done. We’ve already paid non-refundable money for the plane tickets and yet we’re expected to get excellent grades till after the trip, or else we can be prohibited to attend. My dad seems oddly at ease about the whole thing and thinks I’m taking it too seriously, but I just couldn’t bare the shame of being that-girl-that-couldn’t-come-because-she-didn’t-get-her-shit-together for the rest of high school. Gah. Report cards came out on Friday and it turns out I have a missing grade for a math unit we did a while ago, so I ran back to the school (we were dismissed early and I live near) and asked my math teacher on what to do. I then spoke to the director, who is a very helpful woman. She told me to calm down and stop stressing out, and that I can just retake the test on Monday before the MUN teacher finds out. I’m hoping to whatever Deity is out there to make this true.
Speaking of MUN, we’re required to write resolutions on how to fix world issues. My MUN resolution is to lose weight before the trip (hah, see what I did there? Double entendre motha.) My ridiculously expensive gym membership doesn’t expire till March 15, which is PERFECT because that’s about when we’re leaving for the trip. I tried on the clothes I intend to wear for the conferences (in MUN, you are required to wear professional business clothing, like suits) and I looked terrible in them. I was barely able to button one pair of the slacks I own, and the other one is so tight I’ll probably faint during a meeting. Once I finally DID button one of the pants, my belly was bulging, which REALLY shows with the shirts I own. Tomorrow is Sunday and I plan on going to the gym to walk on the treadmill for an hour or so and then do some strength training exercises (especially focusing on midsection. Badly need to lose fat there.) I even put on these colourful braided string bracelets that I’d made when I was in the 3rd grade as a promise to not overeat and to exercise well. It’s 10 PM right now and so far I’ve done pretty well not eating anything for four hours. Yay 😀

Goodnight everyone, and thank you for the 14 follows 😀
xx, Adelaide

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New Year

Less than 6 hours till midnight.  I feel that this will be my last day of “freedom.”  I say this because the coming 12 months will be filled with stress and tough choices.  

I have to take the SAT test in January, and again in May, and if I feel I can get a better score, then I’ll take the test again in September or October.  I also have my AP Writing exam in May.  In March, I will be [hopefully] going to an MUN conference in Amsterdam.  During the summer, I hope to tour universities in New York that I am interested in, which will be a very long journey.  

Once school starts in September, I’ll be a senior and I’ll have to get all my applications together and send them off to my desired universities.  By spring of 2014, I’ll find out where and where not I will go to start the rest of my life.  

I know that 2013 will be a challenging year for me academically.  I’m nervous about taking the SAT since I suck so bad at math.  Thankfully, English Critical Reading and Writing is a subject I’m great at.  

Along with taking all these tests and getting everything ready to leave this country and start anew on a whole other continent, I hope to really improve as a person, from both the inside and the outside.  A change of attitude and mindset has been long overdue, and I just hope I can continue becoming a better person in general.  

I also would really like to put a lot of effort into developing my talents and hobbies, especially if I want to send my pieces of work in a portfolio to my desired universities.  I want to write a lot more, practice fashion drawing more professionally, and try and be a better photographer (although I truly believe I’m shit at it.  I just feel real bad owning an expensive camera and not using it.)  


Well there.  Even though I think New Year’s Resolutions are horrible and are never accomplished, I just wrote mine.  I wish you all the best in the coming year, for you and your families.  Hope 2013 will be great for you all!

See you in Twenty-Thirteen,

xx Adelaide