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A Change of Taste

Suddenly I find myself caring what I look like.  I’ve began to actually give an effort to dressing up when going out to meet friends and, furthermore, I’m craving more sophisticated clothing and brands.  I don’t mind wearing heels anymore.  In fact, I feel more comfortable in them and am constantly looking for opportunities to wear a pair (hah, rhymed).  A comfortable pair of heels gives an immense amount of confidence.  I am actually working on matching items of clothing and paying more attention to what I’m buying at the stores.  Several times I’ve caught myself eyeing expensive jewelry, pretty, sophisticated pieces; I look forward to any opportunity I get to ask for them as presents.  I finally undersand how much of a difference a well-put outfit can make confidence-wise, specifically.

I frankly find this quite odd.  I don’t know if it’s the influence of the people I spend time with, a change of taste that comes with growing up, a want to please my parents and friends, or a combination of all of the above.  Either way, I’m finding myself more and more attracted to tasteful combinations, complete outfits, and excellent accessories.     

All these compliments and this excess confidence certainly cannot be a bad thing.


The now more fashionable Addie